Catamaran Sailing

In our Center we have two Catamarans from Topcat.

Topcat K1

A very good-natured 18 foot Catamaran with 19m² sail area. This family Cat is suitable for 2-4 persons. Equipped with double trapeze and jib.

Topcat F2

A small 13 foot Catamaran with 14m² sail area. It's very easy to sail and designed for 1-2 persons. Equipped with trapeze and jib.

With some sailing experience you can rent these catamarans hourly or daily.

If you have no sailing experience, but still want to enjoy the fantastic feeling of sailing a boat, our instructor can be your captain and take you to a 1-2 hour trip.

You know how to sail a boat, but you never tried a Catamaran before? Or you want to learn how to sail a Catamaran from scratch? No problem. You can get a detailed introduction from our instructor and learn all the basics about Catamaran Sailing in 1-2 hours. You will learn how to:

  • Setting and dropping sails
  • Docking and casting off
  • Waiting position
  • Speed control
  • Stop by coiling and heaving
  • Controlling various sailing courses with proper feathering
  • Secure tacking and jibing


All Prices in Euro - valid until 1.04.2020
Rental /

Topcat F2
1 Person

30 45 120
Topcat F2
2 Persons
35 55 150
Topcat K1
2 Persons
40 65 180
Topcat K1
3 Persons
45 75 200
Topcat K1
4 Persons
50 85 230
with Skipper
10 20  
25 50  120
Rescue Service Charge 10

The Pics

Topcat K1 and F2
Topcat K1 and F2
Topcat K1
Topcat K1
Topcat F2
Topcat F2

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