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Stand Up Paddeln in Safaga


On windless days, stand-up paddling (SUP) is the perfect activity for young and old. Hire SUPs from Tornado Surf Center and explore the Safaga coastline from the water. If you rent from the Kite Adventure, you can take your board and paddle around the boat and through Soma Bay - in shallow water you can directly see the exciting underwater world of the Red Sea.

"Stand-up paddling" is an excellent fitness workout for the whole body. It is not difficult to learn. Apart from a certain sense of balance, no special physical requirements are needed. And since you are in control of the intensity of the paddling, SUP is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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Rent & Instruction


Rent SUP boards at our centre or on a trip with the Kite Adventure at the Soma Bay spot - by the hour or for the whole day.

We will be happy to give you an introduction to the paddling technique and show you a few tricks:

  • Stand up, position on the board and maintain balance
  • Hold the paddle and row effectively
  • Weight shift and paddling technique for change of direction
  • Tight rotation by means of loading the rear


Overview Windsurf

  • Material and drying room near the beach
  • Spot is ideal for beginners to advanced riders
  • Boards and sails from JP-Australia and Neilpryde in various sizes
  • Rescue service with Zodiac
Windsurfen in Safaga
Windsurfen lernen

Equipment - Rental

  • JP Australia Boards (125 - 205 Liters)
  • Neilpryde Sails (3,5 m² - 7.5 m²)
  • Equipment rental for hourly, daily or weekly rates
  • Wetsuits, harnesses, shoes, jackets, helmets available in all sizes
  • Equipment Insurance optional
Windsurf Spot in Safaga


Safaga offers the perfect spot, suitable for all skill levels. In Safaga you will definitely enjoy windsurfing, no matter whether you are beginner, intermediate or expert. The varied spot offers ideal slalom, freeride and freestyle conditions.

The spot is directly in front of our Center in Hotel Solymar Paradise Beach. Our ready-to-use Neilpryde Riggs and JP Boards are stored not more than 30m away from the water.

With moderate wind, the water is flat to choppy. In strong wind there is a nice slight swell outside, which invites to jump.

The wind usually starts in the morning cross-offshore from north-west. This wind conditions favour an excursion to Tobia Island, a sandy island surrounded by turquoise water, about 4 km away from our center – don't miss it! Later in the morning, the wind turns to side shore from the north. In the afternoon the wind is normally very steady. Depending on the season, the wind slowly dies down in the late afternoon, but can also blow until sunset.

The shallow, protected area in front of our center is ideal for beginners and intermediates to practice on their basic skills. Advanced windsurfers can easy beach-start from here and continue to practice on their jibes and tricks further outside.

Spot surveillance with binoculars, and rescue service with Zodiac are part of our standard.


  • Individual Courses for all skill levels
  • Beginner area with shallow water
  • All accessories included (Neopren, Harness, Jacket, Shoes, Helmet)
  • VDWS Handbook and License (optional)
  • Equipment insurance (optional)



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Endless Space
Soma Bay




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