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The dream spot for kitesurfing
Soma Bay, Safaga
Colors of nature
Soma Bay, Red Sea
A paradise for windsurfing
Red Sea, Safaga, Egypt
Catamaran Sailing
Lightwind Fun
Sunset Stand Up Paddling
Active relaxation

Tornado Surf Center

Would you like to spend active holidays in, on and around the water? Then you've just found the right place.

We are an independent water sports center in lovely Safaga on the Red Sea in Egypt. In a warm and friendly atmosphere you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest – much cosier and more sociable than you would find it in the big centers.

Whether you come for kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, stand up paddling or you simply want to relax - here at Tornado Surf Center you are always welcome.

Our Highlights

  • Open 365 days a year
  • Always up-to-date Equipment
  • Daily Kite Trip to Soma Bay
  • Kite -Eat - Sleep with overnight stay on the boat
  • Professinal Rescue-Service
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Flexible Services at attractive Prices


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The wait is over


After waiting for months because of Corona Lockdown, there is finally light on the horizon. Since 1 July, the airport in Hurghada has reopened, and tourists are allowed to enter the country again. Hotels and tourism facilities along the Red Sea can reopen and receive guests. All of this, of course, only under appropriate conditions and in compliance with officially approved safety concepts.

Our center is now open to guests again. And with our kite boat "Kite Adventure" we are back in the beautiful Soma Bay every day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

We are looking forward to your next visit.

Corona Break


The corona crisis is controlling the world. Some countries, regions and areas are affected weaker, some are harder. Overall, the impact on the economy, society and many other areas of our lives can hardly be estimated.

Egypt is also affected by the Corona virus. The tourism has stopped. Millions of people without work. So also our employees from Tornado Surf Center. And because the social insurance system in Egypt is weak, we want to give our employees financial support during the crisis.

Do you want to help us?

"Kite - Eat - Sleep"


Did you already watch our new Video about "Kite - Eat - Sleep"? No? You have to!

Two cool guys from One Life Bros have spent a few days on our Kite Boat, tested our new product "Kite - Eat - Sleep", and summed up their impressions in a short video. Really worth seeing... 

Thanks to Philippe Di Renzo and Yannick Borgmann from OneLifeBros for the great video.

Certificate of Excellence 2019


We are proud to announce that in 2019 Tornado Surf Center has been repeatedly awarded by TripAdvisor with the "Certificate of Excellence". This reflects the consistently good reviews that we received from our guests - so of you.

Many thanks to all who helped us with a positive review on TripAdvisor for this quality certification.

Rent or buy?


Are you thinking about buying your own kite but you are not sure which brand or size to choose? Then we might have a interesting offer for you:

During your holidays with us you can rent and test the kites you want (new or used), and if you like it you can buy it. We will credit the agreed rental fee to the purchasing price. This way you can save twice.

Also we are constantly selling used material from FOne (kites, bars, boards) at attractive prices.

Contact us for details at



On our kite boat and also in the center, we regularly take pictures of and with our guests, if they allow it. And some of the pictures we post on social media.

Recently we upload the best pictures also on our web server. From there you have the opportunity to download individual pictures directly at a symbolic price.

Surf fun on a family vacation


Enjoy the beach holiday with your family where everyone can do what he wants.

One just wants to lie on the beach, enjoy the sun and the sea, the other wants to be active. Here at the beach of the hotel Solymar Paradise Beach that is easily possible. While one is lying comfortably on the beach and reading in his book, the other one can do windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling or Catamaran sailing. Especially for families with children we offer attractive package prices and kids discounts ...

Children as young as 8-10 years can learn windsurfing while having fun.

Top Spot - Soma Bay


The summer season is coming in Egypt!

From May to October there are perfect conditions for water sports enthusiasts on the Red Sea. Sun, pleasant temperatures and a lot of wind are guaranteed. And all this in only about 4 flight hours from Europe.

We will be happy to advise and help you to find attractive direct flights and the right accommodation, whether it is a resort, hotel, guesthouse or apartment.

Kite Adventure in a new light


After several weeks in the dry dock with lots of sanding, planing, hammering and painting, our boat "Kite Adventure" is back from his well deserved "wellness holiday". It now shines in new splendor and is ready for new adventures ...

From now on, Kite Adventure is ready again to serve as a kite-house-boat - for day guests as well as for overnight stay in SomaBay -> "Kite - Eat - Sleep".

The new 2019 F-One collection


The new 2019 FOne Kitesurfing Equipment is now available for testing and rental.

In addition to the legendary BANDIT (all-round kite) we now also have the BREEZE (beginner and light wind kite) in various sizes in our range.
Kite Foiling is very trendy! That's why we now have new F-One Beginner Foil Boards with masts in different lengths. This allows beginners a relatively safe start into the fascinating world of kite foiling ...

Come and try the latest models of the 2019 F-One collection.


Daily Kite Trip

Webcam Kite Boat

Last 15 min. in time-lapse mode
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25.05.22 - 14:33:27
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:34:36
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:35:40
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:36:46
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:37:54
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:38:58
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:40:05
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:41:11
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:42:17
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:43:23
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:44:29
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:45:35
webcam frame
25.05.22 - 14:46:42
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25.05.22 - 14:47:49
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25.05.22 - 14:48:59





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