Wingfoiling in beautiful Soma Bay

Highlights wingfoil day trip

Itinerary day trip | Individual prices | Package prices
  • Huge area - direct access to deep water via the boat platform
  • Rescue service with Zodiac
  • Flexible equipment rental at attractive prices
  • Freshly prepared lunch on the boat
  • Snacks and various drinks from Nespresso coffee and soft drinks to beer and cocktails
  • Bean bags, hammocks and sun loungers to relax on
  • Toilets and showers (hot/cold fresh water)
  • 230V solar power - no generator noise
  • Wifi via 4G

Itinerary of the day trip


Departs from the Tornado Surf Center

It starts in the morning between 8 and 8:15 o’clock: Every day we drive you from the center to the kite and wing spot in Soma Bay. You either go to the spot with the Kite Adventure Boat or with a transfer boat, depending on whether the Kite Adventure Boat stayed at the spot overnight. The half-hour drive takes you along the coast - with a bit of luck you might even see a dolphin. If you are not in Safaga, we will pick you up with a transfer boat from one of the surrounding marinas.



Arrival at the spot

As soon as the boat is anchored at our spot, or you have arrived at the spot with a transfer boat, you can repare for your first kite or wing session of the day.


1st session

Check the wind strength, grab your equipment, pump with the compressor and off you go: Let's have fun!




What could be nicer after an extensive kite or wing session than dedicating yourself to lunch? Help yourself to the lovingly prepared buffet with various dishes, freshly prepared every day in the on-board kitchen. Recharge your batteries for the next round in the water.


Relaxe & Chill

Use the time for a relax in the on the sun deck or chill in the hammocks and bean bags under the shade roof.



2nd session

In the afternoon, Soma Bay awaits you in beautiful light. The perfect conditions for another session. Practice a new trick. The Soma Bay is available to you as a playground. Should something go wrong: Our rescue team keeps a constant eye on the area and will come to your aid with the Zodiac.



If the wind is good in the late afternoon, you can cover the five-kilometer route back to the center as a downwinder. Enjoy this end of the day along the coast accompanied by boat and land with the kite directly at the center in Safaga.



return trip

If the Kite Adventure Boat doesn't stay overnight at the spot, it's time to enjoy "Apéro-Time", "Beer-o'clock" or simply a cool soft drink: Because now we're going back to the Tornado Surf Center. Meanwhile, you can speak with others at the large table about the day's experiences or simply stretch your tired legs on the sun deck. If the Kite Adventure stays at the spot overnight, we will bring you back with a transfer boat.

Our goal is:

…to give you a perfect holiday.
On our boat you spend the whole day with kiters - far away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the big hotel complexes. We anchor at the edge of the lagoon where you can jump straight into the water and get started. It doesn't matter whether you do a wingfoil training with one of our experienced instructors, rent wing equipment or bring your own material, you are always welcome with us.

Wingfoiling Soma Bay
Wingfoil Soma Bay

Wing foiling vs. wing surfing

What is the difference between wingsurfing and wingfoiling? Admittedly, the choice of words for the new trend sport can be confusing. Let's bring light into the darkness:

Wingsurfing: Wingsurfing means moving around using a wing and a surfboard, i.e. without a hydrofoil. The wing board is similar to a SUP and has fins that help you go upwind. As a rule, wingsurfing forms the basis for then starting with wingfoiling.

Wingfoiling: Here, too, the wing is the sail to move. The board is smaller and therefore more manoeuvrable than with wing surfing. However, the essential difference is underwater: A hydrofoil, i.e. a mast with a front and rear wing. This is the "device" that makes you fly. So you can hover majestically and almost silently over the water.
Wingfoiling Soma Bay

No wind activities

If there is no wind or for those who are not addicted to water sports, there are various activities that you can use to add variety to your vacation day.

  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Wakeboarding
  • Wake foiling
  • Snorkeling
  • Massages
  • Yoga


Overview Wing-Eat-Sleep

Itinerary Wing-Eat-Sleep | Individual prices | Package prices
  • Overnight stay directly at the spot on the Kite Adventure Boat
  • Wingfoiling from sunrise to sunset
  • Each of the ten double cabins has its own bathroom with shower (hot/cold fresh water)
  • Always freshly prepared meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Snacks and a variety of cold and hot drinks available 24 hours a day
  • Flexible length of stay – one to several nights
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • 230V solar power - no generator noise
  • Wifi via 4G

Itinerary WING-EAT-SLEEP-Day


Early Bird Session

If the boat stays at the spot at night, you can use the wind before breakfast. From 7 o’clock. the crew is ready for you. Enjoy the morning hours on the water.




Freshly squeezed fruit juice or an omelette? No problem for our chef, who is ready with the breakfast buffet from 7:30 o’clock.

09:00 - 16:00

Itinerary of the day trip

Same as Daily Trip. More Information

09:00 - 16:00


Sundowner session

Usually, if the boat stays at the spot, you can kite or swing until sunset. The whole spot is yours, because the day guests leave the Kite Adventure between 16 0’clock and 17 o’clock. During the subsequent aperitif you can enjoy the sunset.



Our chef serves dinner either as a plate service or in the form of a buffet. Review the day with the other guests or look at the starry sky on the sun deck.


Tornado Kite Adventure Boat
Tornado Kite Adventure Boat

Living on the boat

The Kite Adventure Boat with a length of 30 meters, its four decks and ten cabins offers space for a maximum of 20 overnight guests. During the time from 17:00 o’clock and 9:00 o’clock, Soma Bay is all yours. The boat crew takes care of your well-being; either at the sunset session or with the freshly prepared dinner. Between us: The pancakes for breakfast are delicious. During the day there are usually other guests who use the boat as a floating kite station. Normally, the Kite Adventure Boat anchors at the spot overnight. Here the boat lies still and without moving, even if the wind blows through the whole night. Depending on the wind forecast and the needs of the guests, the boat returns to the marina some evenings. This is the opportunity to dine in one of 

the surrounding restaurants or attend one of the weekly parties. You can arrange your stay on our boat flexibly: stay one night, one week or longer.

Wingfoiling at Tornado Surf Center

Highlights Wingfoilen im Center

  • Always up-to-date material from F-One
  • Material, drying room and compressor near the beach
  • Entry and exit via the beach, which after a few meters turns into deep water
  • Ideal spot for beginners as well as for advanced surfers
  • Rescue service with Zodiac

Pick Up Service

Tornado Surf Transfer Service

We're happy to pick you up

Would you like to kitesurf or wingfoil with us, but prefer a different type of accommodation? No problem. We organize the transfer if you don't spend the night in the vicinity of the center. The hotels in Soma Bay are served with our Zodiac service. Here you will find the exact coordinates where we will pick you up:

We can also organize a taxi service for you from Makadi Bay, Sal Hashish and Safaga.



Endless Space
Soma Bay






Endless Space
Soma Bay




Apprends à
faire du


L'infinie étendue
de Soma Bay


Teste le


Wingsurf/foil courses

Wing Taster Course

Lesson Prices | Package Prices | IWO

You just want to get a taste of this trendy water sport? After two lessons with the wing, you can decide whether you like it and continue seamlessly with the beginner's course if you wish.

  • Just to try out
  • Short theory, safety aspects
  • Equipment handling
  • Fly/hold the wing
  • Riding the wing SUP board on your knees and, if necessary, already standing

Wingsurfing course

Lesson Prices | Package Prices | IWO

At the end of the course you will explore Soma Bay with the wing and wing SUP board. You can learn wingsurfing either as a separate sport or as a preliminary to wingfoiling. We offer combination packages of lessons and rental for wingsurfing because we are convinced that you learn this sport best by alternating lessons and independent practice.

  • Theory and right-of-way rules
  • Equipment handling
  • Fly/hold the wing
  • Self rescue
  • Riding the Wing SUP board on your knees
  • Riding the Wing SUP board while standing
  • Stay upwind and ride upwind

Wingfoil course

Lesson Prices | Package Prices | IWO

In this course you will learn wingfoiling professionally and safely. The goal is to take off and glide silently over the water using a foil. The basis for the success of wing foiling is the confidence gained in the wing surfing course in handling the wing and the wing SUP board. We offer you multi-day combination packages of lessons and equipment rental because we are convinced that you learn this sport best by alternating lessons and independent practice.

  • Theory
  • Handling of foil equipment
  • Pump technology
  • Riding the foil
  • Stay upwind and ride upwind
  • Change of foot
  • Jibe
  • Tack

Wingfoil private lesson

Lessons Prices | Package Prices | IWO

The one-to-one supervision during wingfoil lessons offers you the undivided attention of the instructor. He or she coaches you according to your needs and at your own speed. This method is particularly useful for learning a specific maneuver or for children.

  • All levels
  • Flexibility in course planning
  • Efficient practice under the supervision of an instructor

lesson duration

* per lesson

Our spot

Wind statistics


Spot description

Soma Bay not only offers a lot of wind and warm temperatures all year round but it is also one of the most beautiful kite spots on the Red Sea. The area is suitable for all skill levels: beginners will find ideal conditions for learning in the approx. 2 km² large lagoon, which is mostly knee to waist deep. Advanced riders, whether freeriders or freestylers, can enjoy endless space in the turquoise waters of Soma Bay, regardless of the tides. The surface is mostly flat to choppy. In the morning, the wind usually starts off-shore from the north-west – often around 5 to 10 knots stronger than the wind forecast predicts. At noon the wind turns to "sideshore" from the north. Depending on the time of year, the wind slowly dies down in the afternoon, but can also blow through until just before sunset.

Current wind forecast


Tides Safaga / Soma Bay 2023


Wingsurf/-foil equipment rental

Wingfoil Wing Rental



Rent the Wing models Strike, Strike CWC and Swing V2 from the F-One brand in sizes from 3.5㎡ to 8.0㎡.

Wingfoil Board Rental



The Rocket Wing Boards from F-One are available for rent in 54l, 75l and 120l.

Wingfoil Inflatable Rental

Inflatable Boards


Tornado Surf also rents inflatable wingsurf and wingsfoil boards from F-One, the Rocket Air, in volumes of 90l, 125l, and 190l.

Wingfoil Hydrofoil Rental



Hydrofoils in sizes between 1800c㎡, 1480c㎡ and 1280c㎡ as well as masts in lengths of 65cm, 75cm, 85cm as well as 95cm are waiting for you.

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