Wind and Weather

The weather in Safaga is dominated by a hot desert climate. There are two main seasons - the summer from April to October and winter from September to March. In the summer months the thermometer goes up to 35° during the day, while it cools down to 20-25° during the night. In winter, daytime temperatures are between 20-25° and can go down to 15° in the night.

There is hardly any rainfall. Max. 1-2 times per year it can rain a little bit in Safaga.

Strong thermal winds provide good to very good kite and windsurfing conditions virtually all year round. In the morning the wind usually starts from the north-west and therefore blows side offshore on the beaches of Safaga. Late in the morning it then turns to north and blows perfect sideshore along the coast. Until 2-3pm there is usually very consistent wind, which then - depending on the season - slowly dies down, or keeps blowing till sunset.

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Climate - Safaga / SomaBay

Tides - Safaga / SomaBay

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