About Safaga

In Luxor you find the most beautiful temples, in Gizeh the largest pyramids, but in Safaga we have the best spots for kite and windsurfing!

Safaga is located 50 km south of Hurghada and is a location of numerous kitesurfing, windsurfing and diving centers. The contrast between the turquoise blue sea and the barren desert landscape makes this area an impressive backdrop. The pleasant temperatures and the steady winds make Safaga a perfect spot for kite- and windsurfing all year round. The wind is usually around 1-2 Bft stronger than in Hurghada, because of the thermal effect from the desert. Especially from April to October the wind is very steady and constant.

A few kilometers north of Safaga is the "world famous" Soma Bay. This bay has an area of several square kilometers, offers beautiful scenery and perfect conditions for kite and windsurfing. Tornado Surf Center runs a daily Kite-Boat-Trip right into the middle of the Soma Bay, and thus providing the ultimate pleasure for all levels of Kitesurfers.

In the city of Safaga you get an impression of the colorful life of an Egyptian fishing village and you can easily get in touch with the very friendly locals. Here is one of the oldest ports in the Red Sea - Port Safaga. It was established already under the Egyptian Pharaoh Sahure about 4,000 years ago as a base for trade and exploration in the Red Sea. Today he is the main base for the Egyptian Navy for patrols in the Southeast of Egypt. It also serves as a starting point for pilgrimages to Mecca, the export of aluminium and import of wheat. Accordingly, the city is dominated by an industrial complex and cargo district. Outside of the Hotels and Resorts the village has little further attractions to offer to the tourist.

Along the coastline of Safaga there are many inner and outer reefs which are very popular for divers and snorkelers. Off the coast, the small sand-island "Tobia Island", is a favoured day trip destination for many diving and snorkelling boats. Also kite- and windsurfers like to take short trips there. The slightly larger island "Safaga Island" is a restricted military area and not accessible for tourists.

What to do in Safaga:

Evening activities:

  • Beach BBQ & Music at Lagoonie Lodge & Beach - every Wednesday
  • "Free BBQ" at Oasis de Safafa - every Thursday
  • Beach BBQ & Pool Party at Nemo Dive Club & Hotel - every Friday
  • Boat Party or Tobia Island Party - sporadically
  • Dining in one of the lokal restaurants in Safaga
  • Dance the night away in one of the big clubs in Hurghada

The Pics

Kitesurfing in Soma Bay
Windsurfing in Safaga
Snorkeling and Diving in the Red Sea

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