Kitesurfing Soma Bay


  • Protected Bay with huge shallow area
  • Perfect Spot for beginners to advanced riders
  • Pleasant temperatures all year-round
  • Excellent Wind Conditions
  • Lots of space for riding
  • Daily Kite Trip from our Center in Safaga
  • Zodiac Shuttle-Service from/to Soma Bay Hotels

Spot Description

The Soma Bay is one of the best kite spots in the Red Sea and offers great conditions for all skill levels. In the huge lagoon with 2 km² of shallow, knee to hip-deep water, beginners will find an ideal place for learning.

In the summer, the lagoon can run completely empty at low tide. But then there is still enough space for kitesurfing in the deeper area of the bay.

For intermediate to advanced riders, whether freerider or freestyler, Soma Bay offers great conditions and mostly perfect wind. The Soma Bay with its turquoise-blue water and always pleasant temperatures is a great pleasure for every rider.

Usually the wind starts in the morning side-offshore from North-West. Later in the morning it then turns to "side-shore" from North, and blows over the Soma Bay peninsula. In the afternoon normally the wind is quit constant and a bit stronger than at the surrounding coasts. Depending on the season, the wind slowly dies down in the afternoon, but can also blow until sunset.

The Pics

Turquoise blue waters
Turquoise blue water
Huge shallow area
Huge shallow area
Flatwater Paradise
Flatwater Paradise
Lots of space
Lots of space
Pure Kitesurfing Fun !
Pure Kitesurfing Fun !

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