Stand Up Paddling

If the wind doesn't blow in Safaga for a day or two, the Red Sea is perfect for Stand Up Paddling (SUP).

SUP is a new trend sport from Hawaii. In contrast to the normal surfing you stand on a big surfboard and move forward using a paddle - like with a canoe. The nice thing about SUP is that you are no longer dependent on the perfect wave spot, but can practice this sport almost anywhere, also on lakes.

Stand Up Paddling is a great workout for the entire body. It is not hard to learn. Except for a certain amount of sense of balance you do not need special physical conditions. Stand Up Paddling is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

We are happy to give you an introduction to the SUP techniques and show you some tricks to help you on the board, e.g.

  • Find the balance
  • Standing up and standing position
  • Coordination of board and paddle
  • Weight shift for changing direction
  • Tight turn by loading the tail


All Prices in Euro - valid until 1.04.2020
Rental /
and Paddle
5 9 50
Instruction / Lesson 10 - -

The Pics

Stand Up Paddling zum Relaxen
Stand Up Paddling for Relaxing
Stand Up Paddling für die Fitness
Stand Up Paddling for your Fitness
Yoga Stand Up Paddling
Yoga Stand Up Paddling
Sunset Stand Up Paddling
Sunset Stand Up Paddling

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