IKO Kite Evolution Clinic


"New heights for independent kiteboarders"

The IKO Kite Evolution Clinics is an advanced program of 5 days, developed to improve as kiteboarder, with the freedom to explore kiteboarding from various angles. The help of a Kiteboard Coach and the possibility to have personalized goals complete the concept.
One of the pleasant aspects of the Evolution Clinic is that it offers the guaranty to have 5 days of activity whether there is wind or not.

For the complete description see: www.ikointl.com/Become-Kiteboard-Master

Course details

A standard schedule is offered, but can be adapted to the kiteboarder’s needs and weather conditions

  • Advanced riding skills
  • Down-winder organization and riding
  • Safety and rescue
  • Equipment care and tuning
  • Kiteboarder’s warm up and stretching
  • Teaching discovery
  • Video debriefing permit to improve faster and to visualize progress and tips to reach your goal

Advanced Riding Skills: The Kiteboard Coach can take you up to new Kiteboard Masters levels:

  • Transition
  • Revert riding
  • Back roll
  • Kiteloop
  • Front roll
  • Railey
  • Dark Slide
  • High jumps
  • Unhooked jumps
  • Jump with loop
  • Advanced Graps


From kiteboarder level 3K (Being able to ride upwind constantly amongst other riders) or equivalent and the age of 16, you can take advantage of the benefits to become a Kiteboard Master. If your level is higher this clinic is for you too!

Dates & Prices

Dates: auf Anfrage
Price:  740 €

What is included ?

  • 5 full days of learning clinic 
  • Clinic manual
  • Access to specific kiteboarding videos
  • Kiteboard level certification
  • Lunch, Equipment Storage, Rescue Services, Wifi, Boat Trips

Frequently asked questions

What happens if there is no wind?
No wind? No stop! The Kite Evolution clinic is developed to adapt to the weather condition. The schedule can change according to wind time range and if there is no wind at some point, extra activities are planned.

  • SuP - Stand up paddle board
  • Catmaran sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving (Introduction Dive)
  • Wakeboarding
  • Quad Tour

Specific work on visualization and proprioception can be done to increase the rider’s abilities to succeed a new trick.

Who is the Kiteboard Coach?
The Kiteboard Coach is an IKO instructor level 2 with an excellent riding level and at least 800 teaching hours, who received a training to perform assessment of the kiteboarders riding skills and to determine the aspect to correct and enhance riders’ performance.
The Kiteboard Coach is also a cool guy who likes his job and be around people to share his passion of Kiteboarding. Some Coaches are or were professional riders.

What happens if the Clinic is canceled by the organizer?
This can happen if there are not enough candidates. The cancelation will be at least 1 month before the start date of the course. The deposit of the training fee will be paid back to you.

What happens if the candidate cancels the Clinic?
If the candidate cancels less than 1 month before the Clinic starts, the organizer does not reimburse his/her deposit. If s/he cancels more than 1 month before the Clinic starts, the organizer will refund his/her deposit (minus any administrative charges).

The Pics

Improve your raileys
Improve your raileys
Improve your rotations
... your rotations
Improve your grabs
... your grabs
Master the dark slide
Master the dark slide
Perform high jumps
Perform high jumps
Make your first handle pass
Make your first handle pass
Ride with style !
Ride with style !

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