Corona Crisis

The corona crisis is controlling the world. Some countries, regions and areas are affected weaker, some are harder. Overall, the impact on the economy, society and many other areas of our lives can hardly be estimated.

Egypt is also affected by the Corona virus. The Egyptian government, like many other countries, has taken drastic measures to contain and combat Corona. How well these measures work will only become clear over time. But it is already clear that the impact on the country and the population will be enormous.

The tourism industry is particularly badly affected here. The effects are devastating! All tourist facilities across the country have been closed since mid-March. All tourists have left and it is not yet possible to predict when tourists may come to Egypt again. The loss of earnings is correspondingly hard for everyone who works directly or indirectly for tourism. And therefore, also for us and our employees.

The social system in Egypt is not as progressive and efficient as in other countries. For most people this means: no work -> no income. Many companies try to support and keep their employees with partial wage payments, hoping that the crisis will be over in 2-3 months and that tourism can start again soon. However, if the crisis lasts for 6 months, 12 months or longer, it will be difficult or impossible for many companies to financially support and keep their employees.

It will be the same for us. You know us - TornadoSurf is a small, family-owned company and we care about our employees. Our team consists of ten permanent, local employees and - depending on the season - up to five additional seasonal employees. We assume that tourist flights to Egypt will be possible again at the earliest from autumn 2020, or perhaps only from 2021. In any case, we will try to keep our permanent employees and to provide financial support so that they and their families can live and survive. But with no income and ongoing costs, unfortunately also our cash flow will fall into the red.

That is why we are addressing you today with the following idea / request:

Buy a TornadoSurf “Voucher” for an amount you decide yourself. The next time you visit TornadoSurf, this amount will be credited to you with a plus of 10% or deducted from your bill. Like this you can help us during this crisis to continue to support our employees financially and to maintain our infrastructure (center / boat). The next time you visit us - which will hopefully be soon ... ;-) - you will still find a well-coordinated, motivated team and a top infrastructure. Your voucher remains valid for 24 months from the date of issue and can be used for the following services/activities: Kite-, Windsurf-, SuP-, Catamaran-Lessons and Rental, Boat trips, Kite Storage, Drinks, Shop Articles, Overnights on KiteAdventure Boat.


We look forward to your support !



Any questions…?

How can I buy a voucher?
Click on "Order voucher", fill out the form and you will receive an email from us with all further information and payment details.

How much is my voucher worth?
Amount paid + 10%. For example, if you buy a voucher worth €100, an amount of €110 will be credited to your next visit or deducted from your invoice.

Can I give a voucher as a gift?
Yes. You can also give a purchased voucher to someone else. e.g. as a birthday present or if you cannot redeem your purchased voucher yourself within 24 months.

What happens to the money?
We want to use the money to secure our cash flow so that we can pay our permanent employees a minimum salary over the next few months and to maintain our infrastructure (rent, maintenance).

What happens if I don't redeem my voucher within 24 months?
If your purchased voucher is not redeemed by you or another person within 24 months of being issued, TornadoSurf considers the paid amount as a generous gift and warmly says "Thank you" ;-). But we will also send you a reminder if we haven't heard from you in the meantime.

How is the TornadoSurf team?
Well, everyone is healthy and fine so far. The measures ordered by the Egyptian government apply to the whole country, including Safaga. That means no crowds of people, keep distance, reduced opening times for shops, mosques remain closed, curfew applies from 9 p.m., etc.
According to official information, the corona virus does not yet appear to be active in Safaga. So, the fear of the locals here is limited. During the day we can move around relatively freely. To date, the supply of food, medication, disinfectants, masks and toilet paper ;-) has worked without any problems.
The past few weeks have been used for repair and maintenance works on our center. Because shortly before the corona lockdown in mid-March, there was a sandstorm over Safaga - with gusts of wind up to 60 knots. Among other things, the center roof and the windsurf shelter were damaged. We are currently using the time to make further improvements on our center and kite boat, so that we are prepared and can focus 100% on our guests ... as soon as the corona crisis is over ...!

We all love Watersports
So let's all stand together now

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